Luxury Rooms in Rural Setting

Right outside of New Albany off of Highway 15 North is a homestead and estate nestled on 150 acres of rolling hills, a lake, a garden, and an area complete with naturalistic scenery. This place is known as the Concord Inn and is the area’s most recent addition to New Albany and Union County accommodations.

Originally the J. A. Barkley estate, The Concord Inn is built on possibly one of the oldest establishments in Tippah County.



A bottle tree stands in the forefront in a garden that is at the Concord Inn. In the distance is one of the places that can be rented out for accomodations.





Pictured is a cabin that can be rented out at the Concord Inn. There is a multitude of historic and family relics inside the cabin.





 Named for the old community of Concord, located right near where the Concord Inn is currently located, the land provides a rich history for visitors and guests alike.

The establishment is run and owned by the Coombs family. Originally the J. A. Barkley estate, it is possibly one of the oldest establishments in Tippah County. Chris and Tanya Coombs purchased the property in 1997 at the time when much of the property had become overgrown.

Chris Coombs said, “Our plan was to create something special here.”

In 1837, John Coombs, Chris Coombs great-great-great-grandfather, at the age of 27, traveled by horse from South Carolina to Ripley, Miss. and paid taxes on and purchased 3,000 acres of land in the new frontier of North Mississippi. After the land purchase, he returned home to South Carolina, only to return in 1848 back to Mississippi with his wife Catherine and their eight children.

Daily life back then consisted of cotton farming, tending to the crops and working in the fields, making clothing, and doing whatever was necessary to survive. At this time, John Thomas Coombs, Chris Coombs great-great-grandfather, was five years old.

“In the early 1860’s John Thomas was learning the farming trade and was on the cusp of starting his own farm and family.  These plans changed in 1861 with the onset of the War between the States.  John Thomas Coombs, at the age of 19, along with his older brother William, enlisted in the Confederate States of America army.  John Thomas was placed in the 7th Calvary unit Company B. He suffered no major injuries during the war time.  However, William was not so fortunate.  He died in 1861 in Virginia from pneumonia,” according to the Concord Inn’s website.

At the end of the Civil War, John Thomas Coombs, returned to his Mississippi home to find that his family home had been ravaged during the war.  In 1866, he set out for a new start and replanted his fields with cotton and corn. In 1867 he laid the foundation for his home that many generations of the Coombs family has lived in for many years.

This site was originally located in Tippah County and the Coombs family renovated the home to its current state.

Unfortunately, the original family cabin burned to the ground recently, so the family rebuilt a cabin right near the remains of the original cabin. The home has never been outside the ownership of the Coombs family since its creation 143 years ago.

The Concord Inn can now be rented out for weddings, receptions, banquets, social gatherings, or corporate outings. Guests have the option to stay in the pool house, the cabin, or in the main home.

The Concord Inn is located at 1102 Highway 15 North.

Copy & Photos Courtesy of Angie Barmer,
The New Albany Gazette

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