The beautiful rolling hills of North Mississippi attracts many visitors each year.  In 1837, John Coombs was one of the first visitors.  After the Chickasaw Cession and Pontotoc Treaty of 1836 settlers poured into this area from the Carolina's to stake claim to land.  On May 22, 1837, John Coombs, at the courthouse in Ripley, MS in the newly formed Tippah County, paid taxes on 3,000 acres of land and began a new life in the frontier.  He returned to his home state of South Carolina to gather is family and return to his new home in Mississippi.  Today the Coombs Family marks the 8th generation of decendents. 

Named for the old community of Concord, located right near where the Concord Inn is currently located, the land provides a rich history for visitors and guests alike.